A Procedure with Two Functions – Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery – A Procedure with Two Purposes Articles While many people are familiar with the most popular procedures of plastic surgery, such as breast augmentation or a facelift, others may be unaware. When it comes to eyelids that are droopy, have wrinkles or too much fat, eyelid surgery offers dramatic results. While it may be a less well-known cosmetic procedure, some patients choose this option to improve their vision because of droopy or sagging eyelids. If you’re looking for blepharoplasty asian eyes, visit us for more info.

Blepharosplasty is another name for eyelid surgery amongst medical professionals. It was invented in the 1880s to treat deformities caused by cancer. After the war, it became more popular as a correction surgery for returning wounded soldiers. Only recently has eyelid surgery become an elective procedure. It is true that this procedure most commonly occurs in conjunction with other cosmetic surgeries, like a brow, or face, lift.

The combination of these procedures is easier for patients who are elective, because they can recover more quickly from the combined surgery, rather than having to undergo two separate operations. The combined surgery creates more dramatic effects, as many patients looking for a brow or face lift want to have a younger look. This can be enhanced with eyelid surgeries. But plastic surgery does not work for all eyelids with wrinkles or that droop. The first step in correcting puffy eyelids or wrinkles is often a surgical intervention.

Although laser surgery or injections of dermal-filler can improve the appearance of eyelids as well, they do not have the same permanence as surgery. Patients who don’t want to have surgery or any of the other procedures may prefer this option. Ptosis refers to droopy lids. The condition can be caused by muscle weakness or nerve damage to the eyelids. This can often lead to impaired sight, leading many patients to undergo reconstructive procedures to enhance their vision. It is interesting to note that eyelid surgeries for reconstructive reasons are only done on upper eyelids. In most cases, surgery on the lower eyelids is strictly cosmetic.

You have many choices to achieve a younger look. This can be done for cosmetic purposes or to reconstruct the eyelids. The overall result of the procedure looks best when it is combined with another surgery.